Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Welcome to the Karnataka Guest Lecturers Association, where your well-being and rights are our top priorities. As a guest lecturer in Karnataka, your contributions are invaluable, and we are here to ensure that you and your family are supported in every aspect of your professional and personal lives. By becoming an annual member of our association, you not only join a community dedicated to your advocacy but also gain access to a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs throughout the year.

Why Join Us?

  1. Advocacy and Legal Support: We stand by you in times of need, providing legal assistance and representation in cases of harassment, discrimination, or any other workplace-related issues. Our experienced team is committed to safeguarding your rights and ensuring justice is served.
  2. Comprehensive Support Services: In the unfortunate event of a member’s demise, we extend support to their family, offering assistance with funeral arrangements, financial guidance, and emotional support during challenging times.
  3. Moral Support and Community Building: Our association serves as a pillar of strength and solidarity, offering moral support and a sense of belonging to all members. Through community-building initiatives, we foster a supportive environment where members can share experiences, seek guidance, and uplift one another.
  4. Family Insurance Coverage: As an annual member, you and your family are covered with insurance of up to 5 lakhs INR in the event of your demise, providing financial protection and peace of mind to your loved ones.

Membership Fee:

To make joining accessible to all, our annual membership fee is just INR 1000 per Annum.

Upon approval, you will gain access to a host of member-exclusive benefits and support services for the entire membership year.